Little Planets

When you have created a spherical panorama, that is a panorama which covers 360° in all directions, you have many choices for display.  But think back to the maps in your grade school classroom and you will understand the problem.  How do you display shperical data on a flat surface?  You have to choose a mathematical projection.  Each has its own limitations and quirks.  Your choices include rectilinear, cylindrical, equirectangular, stereographic, stereographic down, mercator, and verdutismo.  If you want to allow the viewer to rotate the image or view it in goggles, then equirectangular is what you want.  But if you want to see everything at one time then a Little Planet Stereographic Down projection is just the thing.

Here is a collection of Little Planets.  Each is unique and most remarkable in that you can take a deep dive into the image and see more and more detail.  This is just like our planet.  From far away in orbit you just see a globe.  But, if you get closer (on an original file; the images here are optimized for display over the Internet) you see more detail, and eventually individual people.

A Note About Copyright  All of these images are protected by the Copyright Act of the United States.  They all have their copyright registered with the United States Copyright Office.  There are here on display, but you do not have permssion to download them or in any way copy them to any recording medium.  For example, you are not authorized to make a screen capture, nor are you authorized to link to them.

Hidden Trails

Willow Tree

Valley Center

Starry Night


Scripps Pier

Tidelands Park

Under the Boardwalk

Encinitas Meditation Garden 

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